To protect your data, different services at dotplex have different logins and passwords. Where it makes sense, these are unified with Single Sign-on (SSO).

As a dotplex customer, your dotplex Hosting Account gives you access to dotplex Dashboard where mail accounts, databases and domains are managed. Employees of your organisation and external parties use SSH access via SSH key and accounts for databases to access servers. Users of email and dotplex Cloud use their dotplex Mail Account for login and can use specially created app passwords with customised authorisation to connect devices in dotplex Cloud. You can already set up passwordless authentication and two-factor authentication (2FA) in dotplex Cloud. 2FA is also planned for the dotplex Dashboard.

Password reset

If you have any questions about your dotplex Hosting Account, please contact us directly via email. If you lose your password for dotplex Cloud, dotplex Mail Account, server access and all other services, please report to the relevant department of your organisation.

Password change

You can find options for changing passwords in the settings of dotplex Dashboard, dotplex Webmail and dotplex Cloud.