Individual consulting and fully managed hosting solutions for professional requirements. dotplex offers 15 years of experience and supports over 250 companies and NGOs.

Best Practice

  • Fully virtualised server environments
  • Automated snapshots for data safety
  • Stable software versions with daily security updates


  • SSL by default: Our servers only allow encrypted connections
  • No additional costs for security: Unlimited SSL certificates included
  • Full disk encryption for sensitive data
  • Regular revision of encryption algorithms

High Availability

  • 24/7 automated monitoring
  • Fail-safe storage clusters
  • Redundant power supply and internet connection

Data Protection

  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Servers physically located in Berlin
  • All data stored within Germany
  • Hosting on our own hardware

Open Source

  • All servers run Debian or Ubuntu GNU/Linux
  • dotplex actively contributes to the development of open source software used by us


  • Energy-efficient hardware
  • Electricity from 100% renewable energy
  • Saving resources through consistent performance optimisation


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