With dotplex Cloud, all dotplex mail account users can access their mails, calendars, address books and online storage in the browser from anywhere and synchronise them with all devices and apps. In addition to these basic functions, a dedicated cloud based on the free and open source software Nextcloud offers countless other possibilities.

More functions and individual customisations

Tailored to the requirements of your organisation, we offer our own Nextcloud installations, which are hosted for you in a GDPR-compliant environment on our secure servers in the Berlin data centre.

Your dedicated cloud - GDPR-compliant collaboration

Your dedicated cloud is the central place for collaboration, communication and data management. With customised apps and functions, you offer employees and external parties a modern, easy-to-use digital platform that is compatible with all devices and operating systems. With your own domain, individual design and logo, you can show that all data is secured on your own server in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With your dedicated cloud, you can:

  • customise the interface with logo and colours to match your corporate design,
  • create unlimited users,
  • coordinate groups, projects, teams and appointments,
  • share files and folders internally and with external users,
  • work on your online documents individually or in groups with ONLYOFFICE or Collabora Online - simultaneously from anywhere,
  • use Nextcloud Talk as your own chat and video conferencing platform,
  • increase the storage capacity of your cloud at any time, and
  • use a variety of other apps to create forms and surveys, manage project tasks and more, and
  • if you have a greater requirement for fail-safety, you can host your cloud in our high-availability cluster.

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