If you have a dotplex Secure Hosting account, you can manage your databases within your dotplex Dashboard login.

If you have a dotplex Managed Server, you can create MySQL databases directly in the database client. The database name must start with the MySQL user name and an underscore, e.g. username_wordpress. The login details have been sent to you by email.

Access via local client

You can connect your local database client to your database via an SSH tunnel. All clients should support this option. For security reasons, MySQL port 3306 is not directly accessible from the internet.

At dotplex, we use TablePlus, which runs on Mac, iOS, Linux and Windows - not free, but worth the price. For a free alternative, consider Workbench from MySQL.

Access via Web-Application

As an alternative to a local client, you can install the web application phpMyAdmin on your Managed Server. This software is prone to security problems, so it should be updated regularly and only remain installed for as long as it is needed.

Our Secure Hosting customers can log into the central instance of phpMyAdmin at phpmyadmin.dotplex.com.

Best Practice MySQL Dump

The best way to create or import a large MySQL dump is via SSH on the command line.

In the following commands, replace username with the database user and database with the database name.

Export database dump:

mysqldump -u username -p --no-tablespaces --single-transaction -r file.sql database.

Import database dump:

Login to MySQL: mysql -u username -p
Import file: source file.sql
Logout: quit